Sunday, March 22, 2009

Warrandyte Art Show

Warrandyte art show was 20-22 March. This picture was painted late last year and it has been hanging in Koko Lime for several months. It sold at the Warrandyte Rotary Art Show. My first sale for the year, which is very nice in these uncertain economic times. I am sure the last thing on people's minds is buying art. I am a little sad to see this picture go because it was one of my favourites. I liked the buzz of the people and the business of the street. Degraves Street, such an interesting alley way in the centre of the city. I hope the purchaser of this painting enjoys it as much as I did painting it. Thanks for buying my art!!! By the way I had taken this painting to Ringwood art Society on Monday night and came first with it in the B category. The judge was Lynette Orzlowski.

I hope this sale prompts more of the same with our exhibition at "Lady Hawke Cafe" continuing to the end of the month and the Yarra Glen show at Easter.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Late for work

What an exhausting weekend. It was my daughter Teone's 15th birthday, which she shared jointly with her girlfriend Jazz. Their birthday's are the same day. They had a disco party in the backyard and the kids behaved really well.

Saturday morning my 96 year old granny died, which is much better for her but very sad just the same. That was my last grandparent left alive. The funeral is on Thursday.

Then Sunday night we had the opening of the Innovision exhibition. There was a large turn out and one painting sold. Wish us good luck for sales for the rest of the exhibition.

Finally this work titled "Late for work" is another city scape done with a metholated spirits underpainting. May need a few tweeks here and there yet.