Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A meeting

We spent 6 weeks in Europe recently and it was fabulous. This is one of my first works of art based on the trip. It is yet to be completed but I am having a ball with the light and shadow play from Venice.

Paynes Rise

This is another recent black and white charcoal picture of Payne's Rise. 

Sovereign Hill

A pencil and graphite piece, set in Sovereign Hill, Ballarat.

Scratchboard art

Recently attende a workshop run by Leigh Rust on Scratch board art. It was great fun.

Recent judged show at Eastland with Ringwood art Society

These are my pictures at the recent Ringwood art Society Show at Eastland. The Fisherman's Tale won most outstanding painting.

Man's Best Friend

This dog was executed in charcoal and contae and was produced for an in house artists night at Ringwood art Society. All the members had to bring a picture of either a toy or a pet. This won equal first under the section of control of mediu m. The paintings were judged by fellow members.