Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Watchers

I was lucky enough to be lent a photo form a friend, who is an avid traveller. She snapped these children in Cambodia. I always wonder what they are thinking. I called this"The Watchers" as I feel they are quietly observing everyone. They seem to be wise beyond their years and rather than capturing them on camera, I feel they are observing the camera person and us. They are quietly evaluating surroundings and are maybe a little bored with the whole thing.


Wendi. S. said...

I love this one. Did you take Terriannes advise about splitting it and make a trilogy or whatever?

magicmyst said...

Thanks Wendi, I didn't split it. I attempted to rub out the third from the left but decided against it. I then toned down the wtwo on the left and attempted to increase the focal point to the little one in white. I hope it works because I really like them all together.