Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I painted this picture today from a sitting. His name is Aurelio and he is a native American Indian. He brought all his native dress in for us to see and wore a lot of it and this is how we painted him. Aurelio at break times would eleborate on parts of his dress and their meaning and told us a little of his culture. He comes from a tribe that is medicine based and so a lot of the designs on his clothes were of plants that are used for medicinal purposes. It was great fun and very interesting.


Wendi. S. said...

Hey, he came up well. Nice guy wasn't he?

magicmyst said...

Thanks Wendi, yes anice guy. Kay

PastelGuy said...


I'm glad you liked my tutorial. It was fun putting it together, even though it shot my productivity level for that afternoon! I guess once you're a teacher, you're always a teacher. I just mailed to Canada, and it was cheaper than to the US! The nice lady at the post office said small things usually can go the cheap way, so I would guess about $5 US. I can go ask, though, if you're interested!

Hey! Do you have an Australian accent? That's so cool!

Holly Zemak said...

Kay, Nicely done, I like your use of color on this piece. Have you ever seen the work of Margaret Dyer. I love her pastels and follow her blog. Would love to take one of her workshops - something to save for. Here is her blog.

magicmyst said...

Hi Matthew, I love your jewellrey. I think I will have to wait until the Australian dollar is a little better and then we can investigate the cost of transport.

Hi Holly, I will ahve a look at the web site. I haven't seen her work before. is she an American artist? Kay
Oh by the way, congratulations on your new president.