Wednesday, December 3, 2008

St. Mark's Square

This picture was taken from a photo reference from a friend who has recently spent time travelling Europe. It is of St. Mark's Square in Venice. I was interested in the many pigeons and people all going about their business. My friend is in the foreground feeding the pigeons, which is apparently the thing one does in St. Mark's Square. I have used creams and blues. The light appears very bright. I had fun depicting the buildings in the background and was tempted to keep adding detail but I wanted the viewer to look at the pigeons and my friend in the foreground.

I have become part of a group of artists called INNOVISION who plan to exhibit together. We have a small exhibit at a cafe called Lakeside Cafe, Ringwood commencing this Saturday the 6th of December. It is going for a month or two. Then in the beginning of March we are exhibiting up the Dandenong Mountains at Lady Hawke Cafe. This will be a much larger exhibition. There are about ten of us participating in these exhibitions. We hope to continue to have further exhibits together.

My other news is that I won a first for the overall General MEC Awards for The Pastel Society of Victoria. Each month at the meetings you can bring a picture a long and during the break all members of the society can look at the work and vote on the work that they like the best. At the end of the year the votes are totalled for the year and I happened to win the first for the general section. Unfortunately I was unable to be at the meeting, but my friend Wendi was able to accept my award for me.


PastelGuy said...

I was wondering what happened to you! I'm glad to see your new painting. Congrats on your award too - very awesome!

Wendi. S. said...

She's let the side down hasn't she pastelguy? She says she's been busy- go figure.
Kay, glad to see you blogging again, and congratulations on winning first in the MEC Awards. To be voted first by your peers so many times is feather in your cap. Nice to see your latest painting, although youre going to need to steady your hand when you take your pics, I think this is a bit out of focus, which is a pity, cos you know I love this painting.

magicmyst said...

Hi matt, yes it is nice to be missed. I feel a bit hectic and harrassed at the moment trying to work, Christmas shop and oh yes plan for my 40th which is just before Christmas.
Thanks Wendi and thankyou for receiving my award for me, I couldn't have asked for anyone better to get it. As for my photos, I need a new camera. Maybe Santa could splurge and get me one.

Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi Kay I love your painting, I can feel the mood of your friend and the pigeons are cute scurrying around the greedy little things lol

Congrats on the award too that is great and very nice to be recognised by your peers.


This pastel of yours titled "St Mark's Square" has bought back many memories as it is a special place for me. Your capture is so beautiful and reminiscent of this magical Italian piazza!
Congratulations on your award also - most deserved Kay.

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