Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rush Hour

I really enjoy trying new methods of painting. This one was really fun. Some people in my art group had been to a work shop in this method and so we all tried it. The results were fun and really varied. You first analyse the picture you are to paint. Then you work out two colors for the underpainting. This is painted on white colorfix paper. For dramatic results go for the complimentary colors. Work them in heavily with pastel just blocking in the shapes. Then get a large paint brush soaked in metholated spirits and paint the pastel. Use more metho if you wish to have runs and splash marks in your work. Wait for the under painting to dry. Then you work your painting on top of the underpainting.

I used orange and green for my under painting and then worked red browns and blue over these colors. I liked the fact that the under painting could be used to block in your big shapes. It gives the painting an interconnection.

Try it,it's lots of fun!!!


Jade E. Henderson said...

wow that certainly sounds like an interesting way to paint and pastel. Would love to try pastels - this looks fantastic too, I have always loved the dreamscape quality of your work. I hope to make it up to see your groups exhibition, Wendis there too yeah?

magicmyst said...

Thanks Jade. Yes Wendi is in the group exhibition too.

Vania said...

This painting is lovely and your blog is great too - always so nice to see the work of artist that uses pastels (a medium I have never tried but would like to one day) :)