Thursday, April 30, 2009

A giant amongst people-scumbelling cont W.I.P.

Hi, this is my clown piece contiued. I have worked more on the clown. I am finding this technique making my worker fresher with its looseness. I think lately I have been losing that in my work.

I have worked on the people in the crowd on the left and have yet to start onthe people on the right.

Some good news this week. I put three pieces in Camberwell Art show. Two out of the three were selected for hanging and apparently I have sold one as well. Very happy!


Jade E. Henderson said...

I love seeing a work in progress, this one is comin along great. I always like that method, where from looseness there comes a picture. Very cool about Camberwell too!

magicmyst said...

Thanks Jade, yes I am really enjoying this piece. It started out really as an exercise and now I am very happy with it.

Yes, I am happy about a sale at Camberwell. I exhibited there last year and had three out of 5 pictures hung and this year two out of three. Now as heaven. Wouldn't it be nice to be a self supporting artist and not having to work another job.

Jade E. Henderson said...

omg that would be heaven indeed, just painting all day every day, and people buying your paintings so that you can LIVE. Now I'm off to dream lol