Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Summer Waders-Launching Place

I just whipped this picture up. I fell in love with the colors and reflections in the river. The two people are Teone, my daughter and Jazz her friend. The photo was taken by Laura on Teone's camera. Thanks to the kids I had this ace reference.

I started the picture concentrating on the lights and darks. Then focused on the patterns in the river of colors and shapes.

I finshed the pictureconcentrating on the girls. I love to depict the highlights and try to make sure the figures look animated.

I hope other people like the mystery of the far bank. To me, it was like a magical place, full of shadows and light. Anything could happen on the bank of the river.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Three little gangsters

Hello and a happy new yearto everyone for 2009. Here is my first posting for 2009. I will have to get busy and update a little more often.

This picture was from my 40th birthday party. The party was themed with a 1920's style. So I think you will see more pictures with this theme included. The child in the left is my son Sean and the other boys are Sean and Callum, who are brothers. They were part of the mob from Sydney who stayed with us for the week leading up to my birthday. Unfortunately I over indulged and so the week is a bit blurry but lots of fun.

These three at the beginning of the party hung around in the street. Asking all who were coming to the party for their invitation. If they didn't have an invitation they were hit up for 20 dollars with toy guns. Then another gangster would say, ok we will let you in this time.