Sunday, October 11, 2009

Show Time

Hi, I have been having an artistic block. I thought I'd lost my ability to do anything worth showing here. Does anyone else have this sort of trouble? The last couple of pieces I can't even post because they turned out so abysmally. I was beginning to think that I should stop wasting my time. Then I started this piece. It was though it painted itself. I had a clear visual about what I wanted from the start. I kept my colour pallete very limited and I whipped this piece up. It happened so quickly, like with a good book, I felt that I had completed it too quickly.

This piece is from the Royal Melbourne show. I went with my son and some friends on a beautiful spring day. Luckily we did go this particular day as it rained the rest of the week. I think I have captured the fun and excitement of the crowd and the complexities of what was happening.