Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Flower shop

When I went into the city with friends, we stopped off in Richmond. We were going to see an amazingly expensive contemporary art show where all the paintings were in the 20-30,000 dollar mark. The only problem was it was Monday and the gallery was not open on a Monday. We had fun getting there and saw some beautiful places. This was a florist shop in Bridge road Richmond. It caught my eye. We saw lots of lovely shops. We also came across a little art shop on our travels which I hope to get back to. The style is different to my normal one, more illustrative.


PastelGuy said...

I like how you treated the perspective with this one - you're right, it's a little more illustrative. The best part, however (in my opinion), is the use of red. The red in the flowers matches the red of the woman's coat, while everything else is cool. Nice job! I'm glad you found my advice sound. Cross your fingers for my show this weekend! I'm sure there will be a newsy posting early next week about it!

Shannon Melville said...

Lovely scene, beautiful singing colours! I like the perspective too, I agree with the previous comment that it is a bit more illustrative. I really like your pastel painting of the life model too. I will have to go back on Monday night for my class.

Wendi. S. said...

Very funky kay. Love the way you've arked the flowers over the top of the page to the right, your eye just travels. Nice composition ! Hey, I felt at home in your picture- hows that????


Hi Kay, have come to visit your blog after reading your comment over in AAF. Your pastel work is beautiful. Love this one of the "Flower Shop" the perspective adds interest and love the patterned B&W tiles.
Will look forward to visiting again.