Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What about me?

I've changed the name of the picture from "Friendship" to "What about me?"It is about the feeling of friendship created by the four children on the right and then the sad feelings portayed by the space of the little child on the left. It's hard being the smallest. This picture has been uploaded through various versions of finishedness. I think I have finally finished it. Last week I was so angry with it that I whacked my rag at it and the pastel dust flew into the air. I wiped off a lot of the pastel and started again. I think this is it. I will continue to contemplate the end product.
Lucky enough to win the September Generalist MEC awards at the Pastel Society of Victoria with this picture. My good friend Wendi was second with her lovley little girl pushing the pram. You can view her blog under blogs that I am following.


Wendi. S. said...

Mmmmm. would love to see an update of this W.I.P. ( work in progress) I truely love it. Cant wait to see how it finishes up.
I've used colorfix paper for the first time and have chosen a lemon colour, and have struggled with it. Only I'm sure because of the colour. I will give it another go.

David Patterson said...

I really love the softness of this Kay...beautiful must be close to being finished...right? :)

And thank you for your wonderful comment on my was very much appreciated!