Thursday, July 30, 2009

Millgrove Saw Mill

Hi, I feel like I may be channelling Van Gough without the anguished mental state at present. I am really enjoying the looseness and freedom of this scribbly style of painting.

This picture is as titled Millgrove Saw mill. I have previously drawn a small black and white of the mill. We were driving up the road to Warburton where you pass this saw mill. We often enjoy going for drives as a family, especially with the hills and Yarra Valley just on our door step. Actually I don't think the kids think it is that much of a terrific idea, but we enjoy it. I was captivated by the rusticness of the saw mill with all the bits of timber in piles everywhere. I especially liked the pipe that dissects through the picture like a roof top.

I won a third prize at the Ringwood art Society judged competition for my "Aboriginal Children" the other week. So that was excting news. I have paintings going into the Mt. Waverley competition in a week and The Bay side exhibition in Brighton. I am hoping for some sales, which would be nice. I am keeping my fingers crossed for my friends as well. Good luck everyone, lots of red dots please!


Holly Zemak said...

Yes, lots of red dots. Good luck with the show. Enjoying your "scribbly" style and subject matter. Rusty metal, one of my favorites.

magicmyst said...

Thanks Holly. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wendi. S. said...

youre doing such great work at the moment, and it so, shows that youre enjoying yourself while youre at it. Good luck with both exhibitions. heaps of red dots for you.
I envy your family drives. We used to do that as kids.......nice.

magicmyst said...

Thanks Wendi, yes lots of fun going for a drive.

Jade E. Henderson said...

Congrats on your placing! That is awesome news! I hope you do well at waverly and brighton. I tried to get into the Waverly show but they didn't want me LOL